Sean Spicer Tells CNN Reporter He Has 'Zero Intelligence'

Lawrence Kim
March 18, 2017

The Trump aide accused Karl of "mischaracterizing" and chided Acosta for "cherry picking" the conclusion reached by the Senate and House Intelligence Committees that former President Barack Obama did not order a wiretap of Trump Tower during the 2016 election.

A spokesman for May said that the charge, made on Tuesday by Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano, that the UK's signals intelligence agency GCHQ had helped Obama to wire tap Trump after his victory in last year's USA presidential election, was "ridiculous".

Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, citing unnamed intelligence sources, reported on its website that Spicer and Trump's national security adviser Lieutenant General Herbert McMaster had made formal apologies to Britain. He remained polite as he tried to evade the woman. But I do think that, again, we're not-all we're doing is literally reading off what other stations and people have reported, and I think that casts into concern some of the activities that may have occurred during the 2016 election.

The claims of GCHQ involvement were initially made by former judge Andrew Napolitano.

"He didn't use the NSA, he didn't use the Central Intelligence Agency, he didn't use the Federal Bureau of Investigation and he didn't use the Department of Justice, he used GCHQ", said Mr Spicer.

Britain's ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch and UK National Security Adviser Mark Lyall Grant spoke directly to the White House, the spokesman said, although he refused to specify whether the USA administration had apologised.

Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch spoke to Mr Spicer after the allegations were described by GCHQ as "utterly ridiculous", in a rare public intervention which was backed by UK Government officials, including Sir Kim and the PM's national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant, in conversations with the USA administration. Asked if the conversations between the United States and British officials were heated, the British government official pointed to the rarity of a GCHQ public statement on the matter, saying, "you can draw your conclusions from there".

May's spokesman argued this pact precluded the kind of spying alleged by Napolitano, saying: "I would add as a matter of fact that under the "Five Eyes" intelligence agreement, we can not use each other's capabilities to circumvent the law".

United Kingdom intelligence agencies work closely with their U.S. counterparts, as well as those in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as part of the "Five Eyes" intelligence sharing agreement.

"It's a situation that simply wouldn't arise", the spokesman said of the spying claims.

Just as quickly, the White House denied that any mea culpa had taken place, because God forbid we allow anyone to believe that our political leaders are willing to behave like functional adults and apologize to America's closest ally for dragging them into a goat rodeo of our own creation.

Andrew Napolitano, a legal pundit for Fox News who has advised Trump, claimed during a March 14 telecast that three intelligence sources told the network that Obama personally appealed to the British Government Communications Headquarters, known as the GCHQ, to spy on Trump.

The British official told Reuters that under British law, GCHQ "can only gather intelligence for national security purposes" and noted that the usa election "clearly doesn't meet that criteria".

Trump originally made the allegations against Obama on March 4 in a series of early morning tweets.

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