11-year-old girl set to become Britain's youngest mother

Elias Hubbard
March 18, 2017

According to Daily Mail, An 11-year-old girl is set to become Britain's youngest mother.

The girl, who we can not identify, alerted guardians to her pregnancy before seeking medical help.

Britain's current youngest age of giving birth is 12.

Though the details of the pregnancy were withheld due to legal restrictions, as reported in the Guardian on Friday.

Tressa Middleton, who gave birth in 2006 aged 12 after she was raped by her brother, recently said she was expecting a second child, according to reports. Her daughter was taken into care.

'But I don't ever want my first child to think I abandoned her, or that I am replacing her with this new baby.

Miss Middleton, who has previously waived her right to anonymity, described the news as "bittersweet" but said she was grateful to be a mother again.

Middleton, who lives in Bathgate, Scotland, said: 'I just want things to be ideal this time around'. I am so excited about what the future holds and I already love my baby. I will not let this baby go.

Police are investigating after it emerged that a young girl is to become Britain's youngest mother.

The father is understood to be a couple of years older than the girl, police say. She gave birth to a baby girl in 2014 when the father of the baby was 13; the lowest combined age of any British parents.

Britain's youngest father is Sean Stewart, who managed to reproduce at the age of 12 in 1998.

Alfie Patten, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, claimed in 2009 he made his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant when 12 but tests showed a boy of 15 was the father.

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