Pregnant Woman Was Only Offered Subway Seats by Latina or Black Women

Marco Green
March 12, 2017

Right there and then, Yvonne awarded him the trophy and took a photo of him holding it with a beaming smile.

An article published by DNA Info said Yvonne decides when she finally got a seat from a guy she would celebrate it by giving them card she had purchased. In her first pregnancy, no man ever offered her his seat - and she carried around a card of thanks to give the first one who did, but it was only women who ever offered, she told CBS News.

Yvonne Lin began experimenting during her first pregnancy after noticing the only people willing to give up their precious seats to a pregnant women were Black and Latina women.

"I was getting no seats from men", Lin said.

According to New York Magazine, the mom of two first came up with the idea during her first pregnancy.

A cynic may witness this woman's actions and let fly the familiar utterance that "chivalry is dead", but others might take stock of this pregnant woman's hilarious act and suggest that she's trying to bring it back through the power of positive reinforcement. The pregnant product designer told ABC News she quickly noticed a trend during her first pregnancy more than two years ago.

When she became pregnant the second time, she stepped it up a notch - by carrying a 7-inch bronze trophy depicting the Incredible Hulk.

One pregnant woman chose to take on a problem she often faced during her daily commute on the subway by awarding the first man who made a decision to help her out.

After carrying the trophy in her backpack for eight months, Lin was finally able to give it to Harlem resident Ricky Barksdale on February 23. She told The Huffington Post she never got to use it.

"I'm sort of quirky and weird, and I have a child-like sense of humor", she says.

But when Lin gave the Army veteran an actual trophy, the father of two said he "chuckled".

Lin said she doesn't just want to remind commuters to be nice to pregnant women, but to people in general. "It's good to be a little more human", she added.

Barksdale continued, "Pay it forward".

"I was super happy about it, because I was super happy that one, I didn't have to carry this damn trophy around anymore, and two, I was just really happy to give it to someone and that someone gave me a seat."

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